The importance of listening

I recently read this article on Medium called This Is What Happens When You Stop Talking About Yourself in Conversations. As stated in the title, it’s all about taking your own agenda out of the conversation and really listening to what the other person is saying. It really made me think about how the conversationsContinue reading “The importance of listening”

Diversity in the real world

Whilst it is important to help those from ethnic backgrounds and those with disabilities with their career progression, within university, it is incredibly important that once these individuals leave university, their chances of getting a job have been greatly improved. However, the reality is that it is still difficult for those from ethnic backgrounds toContinue reading “Diversity in the real world”

One size does not fit all

I had been working on producing resources for the careers service’s WP students, particularly those from BAME backgrounds and those with disabilities. Although, I struggle with the term BAME, I do believe that having resources that target those who may not think about careers as being as important during university as it is after university,Continue reading “One size does not fit all”

What do students need to know when moving on from university?

University can be a defining moment in a person’s life, as it could determine where they end up in the near future and how they find and pursue opportunities. This does include: Whether they finish their degree and go on to pursue a career relevant to their chosen subject Whether they decide to change theirContinue reading “What do students need to know when moving on from university?”

Dedicated resources

From my time working in libraries, I know how important it is to have online resources that have been dedicated to a particular type of information. People don’t want to have to work hard to find information. This includes having to heavily filter down results and work out which resource would actually be of value.Continue reading “Dedicated resources”

Learning about Careers

When I started thinking about entering the world of careers, I believe that I genuinely didn’t know how varied and interesting the roles within that sector would be although I had a general idea of there being Careers Advisors who helped guide an individual in whatever journey that person wanted to take. But having luckilyContinue reading “Learning about Careers”

Developing a career in Careers

I definitely like to do my research before embarking on a new adventure. And deciding to develop a career as a Careers Advisor is no exception. This is because, I believe that to truly know that I want to pursue a particular role, I have to know that it would provide me with what IContinue reading “Developing a career in Careers”