One size does not fit all

I had been working on producing resources for the careers service’s WP students, particularly those from BAME backgrounds and those with disabilities. Although, I struggle with the term BAME, I do believe that having resources that target those who may not think about careers as being as important during university as it is after university, compared to those who come from backgrounds where networking and knowledge about careers is more ingrained, is very important.

So working on a resource for these individuals (having been one of these individuals myself) and those with disabilities (who I know very little about in terms of building their careers) was a very interesting experience. It wasn’t as straightforward as I thought it would be, as a lot of thinking and collaboration had to go into what information should be included and how the information should be presented. I had to think about what information would be more beneficial to each group and how that information should be presented.

Through that experience I realised how rigid I can be and how much more flexible I needed to be if I wanted to target different types of individuals.

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