Developing a career in Careers

I definitely like to do my research before embarking on a new adventure. And deciding to develop a career as a Careers Advisor is no exception. This is because, I believe that to truly know that I want to pursue a particular role, I have to know that it would provide me with what I had been missing in my previous job. I am all about utilising and developing my skills; progressing in my career and development as a person. Therefore, just getting a job, is not an option for me.

So I set out to find out what being a Careers Advisor would be about. I sought out job roles on sites like and Reed, looked at recruitment companies that seek roles for Career Advisors like Morgan Hunt, and found professional bodies, like The Career Development Institute (CDI), for Career Advisors. By doing this, I was provided with what kind of duties I would be required to do, what kind of skills I would need to have and what the climate for the service was.

I also thought that it would be a good idea to find out what other kinds of information is out there. For example, as well as university and college websites, the National Careers Service provides information to those who need help in finding and aiming for a particular career. CDI, Careers and EnterpriseComplete Careers and Teach First provide information on how to get into the careers service, news and developments in the service and/or information on training and courses. I also found quite a few interesting reports, including reports from The Gatsby Foundation,, Parliament, The Careers & Enterprise Company and The Department of Education.

After all that research, I have an idea of what working in the careers service would entail. I believe that I would be prepared to take on any careers related role due to my extensive information skills and my interest in the service.

I do want to say that I know that it can be difficult getting bogged down by getting any job because of financial reasons. However, if a job isn’t just a job for you and you want to have your career as a part of who you are, do your research, find out what different jobs are about and what actually attracts you. There is something out there for everyone and you have to be prepared to seek it out, no matter how many different careers and jobs you have. We are only limited by the limits we put on ourselves.




An actual focus

I change my mind so often about what I want to do, that it’s no wonder people can’t keep up with me. Which is why I don’t like to tell people every single plan I ever have. But I feel like over the past few months, whilst I have been struggling with what I want to do and where I’m going, I should be allowed to change my mind every so often until I find something that I can definitely settle on for the meantime.

blue balloon

I do feel as though I have finally found a focus, something that follows from what I have been doing and thinking about. As I’ve said, I love finding and sharing information and I want to be able to perform different kinds of research and participate in projects. I also love the elements of teaching which is why I completed the TEFL course. However, I know that I don’t want to teach on a daily basis, but would like to conduct training sessions and/or support teachers in their roles.

Therefore, I have been attracted to working in Careers. It would provide me with the opportunity to work with information in the way I want to and has an element of teaching. In addition, I can see myself wanting to conduct research on the ways in which Careers is incorporated in different institutions, how it has developed and if there are ways to improve its integration into education and even other kinds of institutions.

Finally, I am excited about something again and I hope to share my findings and experiences soon.