Plastic Fishing

Working in the corporate world can get a bit tiresome and make you feel like business and money is the only thing that drives the world. But due to the Corporate Sustainability team, there are opportunities to give back and be part of a wider community.

Last Friday, I was invited to participate in ‘Plastic Fishing’ which is run by Hubbub and Canary Wharf College. They use a boat made almost entirely of recycled plastic to go on the river around London’s Docklands to fish out plastic from the river.

What’s great about this scheme is that not only do you get to help clean up the river, by fishing out all sorts of things, proceeds go to a good cause (helping disadvantaged families arrange trips for their children), the recyclable plastic goes towards building another boat and more importantly, it helps decrease the amount of plastics that will end up in our seas and oceans.

What’s also really great, is that not only corporates can participate, anyone can. It’s also a really great way for children to get involved with doing something for the environment that actually has an impact.

Here are a few photos from the trip:

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