New Goals

I have just completed an online TEFL course, which means that again, I am thinking about what I want to do next. So, not only in my career, do I worry about where I’m going to go and what I’m going to do, but my personal my life is also full of worry.

I am always trying to grow as a person and I am always trying to gain a new skill. Completing the TEFL course was latest one, before that it was learning Korean. I’ve also tried bouldering and coding within the last 2 years.

Right now, I’ve decided to continue with Japanese. I took a huge break from learning the language, as I was in a rut. The original reasons I had for learning Japanese were practically gone, so I couldn’t find the motivation to keep going. But, I really do love the language and I hope to be able to read a novel written in Japanese one day.

So, I am back on the Japanese studying train. I’m starting at the beginning, refreshing my grammar and vocabulary, taking it very slow. I often got frustrated with myself for not knowing or being able to remember or understand something, or not being able to say what I want to say.

I have to remember that Japanese is a hard language and I do have to be at it practically everyday in order to retain the information. Also, since I am self-teaching, I have to find ways to make it interesting and fun in order to keep motivated. But also remember to take time away from the language in order for my brain to digest the information and not get overloaded.

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