Starting my own business: Thoughts

As I think more and more about starting my own business, the more I think “I have no idea how I’m gonna do this”.

I believe I have a specialist skill, as I am confident that I’m really good at finding information. In fact, I really enjoy finding information for people. I get buzz out of looking all over google and finding a gem that others may not have found. In addition, as I am trained in this area, I have the skills to find information quickly, find information that is relevant and also provide a concise overview of what I’ve found.

But is this skill needed?

I can say for sure that a lot of people can’t be bothered to take the time to search for information. I see it everyday at work for minuscule things that would take 2 seconds. But would I be able to tap into a need and earn a living from it? Are there people who would be willing to hire me to search for information? And if so, what kind of people would they be?

Those who work within a business, would have an information team available. High flyers would have a PA and a team around them. Those who really need information, for example, those from backgrounds similar to mine, would they have the means to hire someone to help them.

Ideally, I’d want to work for people who don’t have time to perform research and don’t have access to an Information person/team and for those from backgrounds similar to mine who need help in elevating themselves.

For example:

  • if someone was looking for a particular kind of job/role, I could find out what kinds of job titles are used, what industries are hiring for this particular role and what agencies specialise in sourcing for that role
  • I could help someone find out what courses are available to study a particular thing, where they are available and what people have said about the course
  • I could search within a particular industry, the market players, the market itself and the trends
  • I could find out what magazine, newspapers or websites cover a particular industry
  • I could search for technological advances in a particular area/topic or region
  • Etc etc etc

There is so much information out there, that is publicly available, but can be hard to source, if you don’t know how to look. This can be overwhelming and painstaking, so I hope to decrease the burden of sifting through all that’s out there, by providing a service that will enable people to have information rather than having to search for it themselves.

Sometimes, I imagine working in an information bureau where people would come for information. They’d be a counter and people would come in and tell us what they need and there’d be a team working in the back on their computers.

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