Thoughts on my career

I think I’ve decided that my life long goal is to organise the Internet and work closely with my clients. I want to be able to categorise a variety of different websites so that I know where to find all kinds of information. I want to be a human google with knowledge and added information that I can use to find the information that my clients need.

Having worked in a bank and various libraries, I have some understanding of the kinds of information a worker in a bank or law firm, a student or someone from the public need. I want to increase my knowledge in this area in order to help all kinds of individuals find the information they need.

The only way to do this is to work in a variety of different settings. Working in different settings will allow me to gain an insight into what kinds of information different individuals need and are searching for. This way I can tailor my approach to to the individual.

However, I have found it difficult finding a research role that would allow me to fully utilise the skills I have, as well as have frequent exposure to the people I would be helping.

My current role has thankfully allowed me to explore my research skills and thus develop them so that I am better at searching for information. I have also been able to explore ways in which I can help market our services to our clients.

However, I don’t get to regularly speak to or have conversations with my clients about their needs and wants – what areas they wish to explore or where they want to go in the future. The only time I get to do that is when I am meeting the new starters, who generally don’t have a say in where their department is heading.

I think I definitely want to have clients I can work really closely with, as this will enable me to help in the ways that they as an individual need. But I definitely want to have the freedom to explore and find out what is out there, organise it and share it.

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