Pursuing Research

Research is one of the things I love doing as an Information Professional, as it allows me to find out about so many different and interesting things. In particular, within my role, I can go from performing research on a particular market or industry to finding information on the sociological aspects that affect working within a business.

However, performing research for others can leave me feeling a little wishful about completing a project of my own. I get to utilise my skills and my resources for someone else, which is fine, but I don’t get to participate in the creation of something and seeing it through to the end result. Thus, I do wonder whether being an Information Professional is right for me.

I love information and I love the fact that it comes in so many different forms. But finding a role that allows me to fully develop and grow in the areas I want to, has been difficult. So, I have been thinking about reinventing the role to suit who I am, my skills and what I’m passion about, if the role doesn’t exist already.

I am grateful that my current position has allowed me to develop my research skills. But I believe that there is more I can do without the constraints of being in a business.




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