Managing Subscriptions

As part of my role, I am required to help with managing the subscriptions of the users within our institution. This includes setting up and renewing the subscriptions, as well as keeping track of who our users and contacts are.

This can get quite complex as we manage a lot of subscriptions from different suppliers, with different account managers and any number of users. In addition, there is the added issue of people leaving and having to deactivate their logins.

So, in order to effectively manage them, having an organisation system helps. Using Excel to keep a record of the subscriptions, with information on costs, users and renewal dates, is incredibly helpful when needing to regularly update the list. In addition, the suppliers can help by providing a list of users. Also having a way to keep track of who has left will also help with knowing for definite who has what, how many users there are and if anyone can be added or swapped.

Keeping the contracts and invoices in a place where they can easily be retrieved also helps. As well as having information on costs, they can have information on the name of the subscription, supplier details, description, number of licenses, t&cs, renewal date etc. Thus, when subscriptions are renewed, this information can be put consolidated into the Excel spreadsheet, where the information can be easily seen and sought.

I mentioned in a previous post that I have created two separate spreadsheets to keep track of the subscriptions. In addition, in the document that has the information on users costs and renewal dates, I have created other sheets that have information on users that need to be deactivated and subscriptions ordered by renewal date, so that we can renew in a timely manner.

Using a subscription management service can also help with those subscriptions where only 1 or 2 licenses are needed for each subscription. It can help with renewal deadlines, creating a new subscription (finding out costs, negotiating, etc.) and keeping track of costs.

There may be other ways that are useful for managing subscriptions, but these are the ways I have found that help. Although, I would like to find a formula I can use that will automatically update the renewal dates and possibly costs in the ‘renewal date’ Excel sheet.

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