How to realise and help with the information needs of your clients

My primary role as an Information Professional is to identify the needs of my clients, in order to facilitate their activities. There are several ways of doing this, without badgering clients about what they need and want from our service.

One way is to meet the new starters. New employees are usually more gun-ho and enthusiastic and so are willing to meet and discuss what they do and how we could help. In addition, they are in a better position to pass on information about our services to their colleagues and managers.

Another way is when speaking to account managers, you can ask questions about who would use and benefit from their service, without feeling embarrassed about not knowing about certain functions of a business or what certain acronyms mean :S.

Furthermore, keeping track of the kinds of requests certain departments/areas of business have made, can help. I have categorised the different kinds of queries we get and who we get them from. This enables me to see what kind of information is needed by different groups and how often they come to us for help. Similarly, I can see which areas of business don’t come to us as often or at all.

In addition, reaching out on an internal social platform, by sharing news, research and events etc. will enable those who don’t know about out service to reach out to us.

By keeping track of the kinds of requests we get and the areas of business that use us and by posting information on the internal social platform, I can reach out with informed material.

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