Maybe trip to South America

So I am planning a trip to South America. For when, I have no idea. At least within the next year. But I kinda wanted a chance to escape for a while. I have recently resigned from my job and so I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do next. TravellingContinue reading “Maybe trip to South America”

Starting my own business: Thoughts

As I think more and more about starting my own business, the more I think “I have no idea how I’m gonna do this”. I believe I have a specialist skill, as I am confident that I’m really good at finding information. In fact, I really enjoy finding information for people. I get buzz outContinue reading “Starting my own business: Thoughts”

Thoughts on my career

I think I’ve decided that my life long goal is to organise the Internet and work closely with my clients. I want to be able to categorise a variety of different websites so that I know where to find all kinds of information. I want to be a human google with knowledge and added informationContinue reading “Thoughts on my career”

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Asking questions can be very daunting on any occasion. Whether you’re in a new role, on a course, at an event or travelling in a different country. Working up the courage can be scary, especially for an introvert like me who has feared social interaction for most of my life and who is scared ofContinue reading “Don’t be afraid to ask questions”

Pursuing Research

Research is one of the things I love doing as an Information Professional, as it allows me to find out about so many different and interesting things. In particular, within my role, I can go from performing research on a particular market or industry to finding information on the sociological aspects that affect working withinContinue reading “Pursuing Research”

How to realise and help with the information needs of your clients

My primary role as an Information Professional is to identify the needs of my clients, in order to facilitate their activities. There are several ways of doing this, without badgering clients about what they need and want from our service. One way is to meet the new starters. New employees are usually more gun-ho andContinue reading “How to realise and help with the information needs of your clients”

Managing Subscriptions

As part of my role, I am required to help with managing the subscriptions of the users within our institution. This includes setting up and renewing the subscriptions, as well as keeping track of who our users and contacts are. This can get quite complex as we manage a lot of subscriptions from different suppliers,Continue reading “Managing Subscriptions”