Information Needs

My primary role as an Information Professional is to identify the needs of my clients, in order to facilitate their activities. But, it can be difficult to anticipate what my clients needs are and will be, without direct interaction with them.

Although I have found good resources, and I am frequently updating our web pages and sharing things on our social media platform, without confirmation that these are the resources that my clients are benefiting from, I am unsure on whether I am providing good information or if I could be doing more.

One way to find out is to go directly to the people; find out what they want. However, I have sadly found that getting any constant form of dialogue is extremely difficult. People are busy and they can’t always respond.

Within an academic institution, it would be a little easier as there are set courses that students are enrolled in and so topics of interest are already known. However, within a business, things are always changing. Interests and activities are vast and people’s interests are widely diverse.

It would be nice to know how others have integrated their services into the businesses they work for and whether there has been good communication with their clients, regarding their interests. And if not, what has helped them continue to provide a good service and anticipate their clients’ needs?



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