Accessing resources

Finding resources can be hard when you don’t have access to the many journals and books, online and in print, you had access to when you were at university. However, there are ways that you can continue quench your thirst for knowledge.

Alumni schemes

Find out if your former university allows you to continue accessing resources as an alumni. You may have permission to access online material as well as print at the university library or libraries that are related to that university.

Google Scholar

Although not the greatest of tools, Google Scholar does provide access to some journal articles. It is well worth a look to read around a subject and find out who the key authors are and how the subject has developed through the years.


It is worth keeping an eye out for any developments in publicly accessible media. This is especially worthwhile if you are interested in a specific industry. 

For example, I am interested in the use and accessibility of information so any news on technological advancements are useful.

Look all around you

The world is brimming with information and just taking notice of the things around you and the things you use can be really informative. 

For example, like a lot of people, I use apps a lot. However, rather than passively use them, I look at how they structure and organise their information, how easy it is to search for things and what kind of features have been put in place to make things easier.


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