Library portal

As my role is primarily built on dealing with requests, I have found myself wondering what else I can do when there are severe quiet periods. 

One thing I decided to do was design a libray portal. I decided that for the moment it would be best to design something that my colleague and I could use to gain easy access to a variety of different sites. A lot of the reources we used are contained within different spreadsheets and any sites that we come across that seem like they would be useful in the future, have no place to go.

A library portal would not only allow us to collect all the resources onto one platform, but they would also allow us to gain easy access to these websites, remotely. In addition, by categorising the resources and adding descriptions and tags, such as type of information supplied and topics covered, we can access the resources we need quickly.


Another reason why I decided to design a library portal was because when we had built it and we had organised it in a way that was easy to use, we could then allow others within the organisation to gain access. This means that they would also have access to knowledge of where to find certain information and also the kinds of resources we use. Furthermore, we could start creating pages dedicated to particular divisions of the company so that we can give them quick access to the resources they may need and also keep them updated on any new developments within their field. It could also be a great place for them to add information that they think would be relevant to their colleagues.

However, within an organisation like mine, I do wonder how relevant and useful it would be. Is it something I just want to do, or could it potentially be something that could benefit everyone? But I think that if I don’t try, I will never know. If I think this is worth building than I have to be prepared to do the work and the convincing.


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