Adapting To A New Work Environment

Before my current role, I had never really been part of a big company. So I had never worked among so many people I actually wasn’t working with. I was used to working in an environment where I knew who everyone was and communicating with people was easy.

Being the shy person that I am, I was struggling to adapt. And for weeks, I was stressing myself out and beating myself up about my personality, missed opportunities, my likes and dislikes and the way I even look.

I kept going back and forth about what I could do to build relationships with my colleagues and then giving up and blaming it on my weird personality. I spoke with friends, I looked online, but found that if I wasn’t willing to take the leap, not much would happen. I had to accept the situation or actually do something about it.

Making the decision to do something is easy, but actually doing it is hard. Also, continuing to do something, without anything massively changing, was a huge knock-back and made me feel like it wasn’t worth it.

However, time is something that seems to make everything better. And after going through a month of fighting with myself, a moment finally came where I just couldn’t be bothered to be worried it about it anymore. And so I thought I should write this post as a reminder that I stressed myself out for a whole month and nothing changed when I did nothing.

If I want to change the current situation, I should make the effort. If I want to stay curled up in my bubble, then I shouldn’t worry about it. I have to make the choice and I have to stick with it.




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