It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I have posted anything and it’s because there is so much going on that it’s been hard to really sit down and think about what to write. So I thought I’d just get everything out that I’ve been doing over the last couple of months, in this blog post.

Firstly, I’ve learnt so much about what it means to do efficient searches. Whilst I have been using specific databases to find relevant information, I have also had to utilise google’s global reach to find information. However, with google I have greatly taken advantage of the advanced settings. 

For example, I limit my search results to a particular date period and to a particular format (mostly PDF). I also take advantage of Boolean logic to make sure I receive results that contain the required search terms. 

In terms of the databases I use, I have to make sure I know what database to use for the information I’m looking for. With the number of databases I have access to, it can be tricky remembering what each of them do, especially the ones I don’t use often. I guess, over time that will change as I get used to the variety of requests that I get and the type of information I need to source. But, having been here for just over 2 months, my knowledge and my understanding of how my role and actions can contribute to my team and to the business, is steadily growing. 

Another key area I need to work on, is my knowledge of the different areas of the business. Things that are helping are, meeting people from different departments, going to presentations that have been put on by different teams and taking note of the kinds of enquiries people have made. 

Also, going to training sessions really help. For example, those run by the companies of the different databases can really help in terms of understanding more about the terms that are frequently used and understood by those within my industry and the kinds of things they are looking for. This is especially the case when others ask questions. I get to know what aspects are important to them when they are looking for information. 
In addition, going to training sessions that talk you through the industry itself would help, as I would further understand the mindset of individuals within this industry. 

My team has also been preparing for work experience and grad students. We are also working on enhancing our online presence and creating reports that dictate departmental information. This amounts to consolidating information so that we can create something that we can pass on to others in a concise and informative way. For me, this also means using my knowledge of the service and the data we have gathered so far, as well as making additions and improvements.

So, these past couple of months have been quite busy and it has been hard to pinpoint what I want to write about. But I’m definitely on a journey and I would still like to share it (hopefully someone out there might be interested).