Getting to know the business

Going into any new job can be difficult, as getting used to the work and the people can take time and patience. However, when you’re completely new to the sector, things can be much harder.

Currently my role requires me to understand a whole new language; a language I had purposely stayed clear of but found myself interested in as I began my career. Which means that on top of understanding what my job role is, I have to understand the industry, the acronyms and what the different departments within the industry do.

What has made this easier is the initiative that my team are carrying out in order to make our presence known within the company. We have decided to update and develop our online presence by providing useful links and information on our online page. To do this we’re going out and meeting people from different departments to find out what they do and advertising our services in the process. In this way, not only do I get to know about the different aspects of the business, but I am able to promote what we do and thus make more people aware of who we are so that they can use us in the future. 

In addition, we can provide ongoing help by finding out what people are interested in. For example, if there is a particular subject that they’re interested in, we can keep a eye out for anything we see in the news or randomly come across. This makes the job more exciting and can help to build a good relationship with people within the business.