What is the cost of using technology

(Image taken from http://scommerce.com/trials-for-new-technology/)

As always when I visit my friend’s university (which has actually only been twice) I became part of an interesting discussion where we discussed a real world issue. In this case it was technology and particularly the use of WhatsApp and social media.

When I use WhatsApp I understand that my data isn’t really private even though I assume I’m probably an anonymous entity. However the questions that had been put forward really made me think of the use of just a mess engine service in a different way. 

These were: 

  1. What are the environmental and economical implications of using WhatsApp?
  2. What does WhatsApp actually look like and where is it?
  3. Are we being controlled by the speed in which technology is progressing?
  4. For people who don’t have smartphones, are they being left out of the loop and should they be forced to go along with the flow?
  5. Are people addicted to using technology because it satisfies one of our basic needs, which is connecting with people?
  6. Will we all become robots as technology gets smarter and continues to tailor our news feeds and search results?
  7. What are the implications of using technology for those who are using smartphones and tablets from a very young age?
  8. Are we within a transition period where we are trying to figure out how our human selves can deal with new emerging technologies and will our our fears be for nought as the rapid pace in which technology is progressing forces us to give up trying to keep up?

These were only a few questions that came out of the discussion and they are very thought provoking as they are very BIG questions. Big questions that can’t be answered simply as they involve an array of complex networks that feed into who we are as humans and how we evolve in changing times. This includes are relationships with our family, friends and work colleagues etc., how we as individuals perceive and interact with the world and what we want to get out of life (in terms of accomplishments, money etc.).

For someone who loves technology and what it can do and has done for people around the world, I don’t want to believe that technology is ultimately bad and will completely change who we are as people. I believe that there is a place for everything in this world and it is hardly ever about choosing one thing over another. However it is important that we broach these questions and discuss the different possibilities.


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