Visit to Schumacher College and Dartington

This is my second visit to Schumacher College and again I’m not disappointed with the atmosphere, the peace, the friendliness and the appreciation of human life. I only found out about this place through a friend who is studying here. So luckily I get to visit and enjoy the vibes without having to be aContinue reading “Visit to Schumacher College and Dartington”

What is the cost of using technology

(Image taken from As always when I visit my friend’s university (which has actually only been twice) I became part of an interesting discussion where we discussed a real world issue. In this case it was technology and particularly the use of WhatsApp and social media. When I use WhatsApp I understand that myContinue reading “What is the cost of using technology”

Finding the best place for you

When I first started applying for jobs when I had completed my undergrad, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do and was thus applying for anything that sounded ok. And so, when applying, it was just about getting the interview and trying my best to sound right for the job so that theyContinue reading “Finding the best place for you”

Are we really doing it for them, or for us?

Having been in my current post for a while and looking back at my previous positions, I have been wondering whether the things that my colleagues and I do to promote the resources and the way we go about doing it, is it for us or is it for our patrons? One particular area ofContinue reading “Are we really doing it for them, or for us?”