Producing a Current Awareness Board


I was delighted when I was told that I would be getting involved in producing content for the current awareness boards in the library. It gave me something to strive for and a new project to get my teeth into. In addition, it gave me the motivation I’ve very much needed to do something creative as well as meaningful.

I would be allowed to utilise my research skills  as well as become more familiar with the library’s resources and with the material that the students are covering in their lectures. In this way I can become more informed of the kinds of issues and news that students are concerned/interested in and develop quality resources.

However, producing material that would help to promote topics that interest students is no mean feat for someone unfamiliar with subjects such as business, management and accountancy. I had purposely led a life where I had avoided learning anything about those kinds of topics, but I have now found myself working in a library that solely caters for those subjects.

To be honest, it has been fun and really interesting because I get to delve into a new subject area. In addition, I get to see how stories in the news can be seen differently depending on a person’s area of interest.

For example, in regards to LGBT month, issues on discrimination and the law, managing diversity in the worplace and marketing your business to people who identify themselves with the term LGBT, demonstrate the different ways in which we can think about LGBT and it’s relation to real world.


(examples of materials that could be used)

In addition, I get to see how different news outlets cover a particular subject. For example, The Economist had a debate last year on whether businesses should work to advance the rights of LGBT in a broad sense. In addition, they recently reported on the views of Texans on transgender individuals.


(; accessed 24/01/2017)


(; accessed 25/01/2017)

People’s personal stories have also been covered by news outlets such as the BBC.


(; accessed 25/01/2017)

Therefore, through looking at different kinds of media and materials, I was able to gather an assortment of information.

What is incredibly important about retrieving these materials and using different kinds of resources to produce an informed display, is that students will become acquainted with the different ways in which they can use the resources available to them. In addition, hopefully, students will be informed of the different ways in which news outlets, journal articles and print materials approach a particular subject.


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