Thoughts at the beginning


Starting a new job always brings excitement and anxiety for me. Excitement because it’s a new start, a new role and a new environment. Anxiety because I’m always wondering whether I’ll actually enjoy the role, if I will like the people, will this be the start of a new life for me or will I be going back to the drawing board.

Nevertheless, the experience that can be gained from any new role and/environment has proved priceless in the past. I’ve always found that even if there is something that I am displeased with (big or small) there is always something good to be taken away. Whether it is do with certain aspects of the role or making new friends.


When I was working in retail, I really hated it. Customers were rude and there were all these annoying rules and regulations that kept changing. But I have met some of the greatest people from working there and I am still in touch with them now.


In addition, the first few weeks of a job can hardly be used to determine its worth either. In particular, I had one job where I just didn’t understand why I was there and what I could do. But as the weeks went by and I became used to the role and the environment, I found my place within the organisation.

Even with all of these experiences in mind, I still find myself a little agitated when I have very little do. I begin to question everything about myself and what I can offer in a job when the things I can do are limited by time, experience and job role.It also doesn’t help that I still have no idea where I want to be in place or career. So finding an area to excel in becomes difficult when everything seems mundane or out of reach.

Patience is definitely a virtue and I’m working hard to embody the concept. I’m always being told not to rush and that things will come with time. It’s definitely true, as long as you work at it, but the journey can definitely be tedious at times.


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