I recently went through a period where I was unsure of whether I wanted to stay in libraries, of whether I had the skills to be an information professional or of whether I had the drive to really make it as an information professional. I started assessing my character and the things I was doing in my current role. This was especially as I frequently took note of what my colleagues were doing to help promote the service and the materials.

As I began sorting out different sections of the library, I realised there were a lot of things I wanted to do and achieve but found myself lacking in getting it done. Reasons included the fact that this was a temporary role and that I didn’t know if I had the skills or imagination to make it work. In addition, I was unsure of whether I had enough information about the materials and the target audience in order to effectively promote the library and its resources.

As I was thinking about these things, I came to realise how hesitant I am about doing things if I’m not sure I’m allowed to do them. Librarianship is new to me as a  concept and as a career. I have very little knowledge of the hierarchy and how much experience and knowledge it takes to move to a higher position. I am uncertain on how to develop my skills in a specific area and what that area should be.

However, I want to able to actively do things without hesitating and worrying about my position. I want to use the knowledge I have to provide the service I want to give, whether I am in a temporary or permanent role.

This is a resolution I hope to achieve this year, as this year is definitely the year where I hope to be setting myself up for the future.

Published by Sharayne Kerr

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