Welcoming Students to the Library

Due to the uniqueness of the university I am currently working at, we are coming up to ‘Induction Week’ which is equivalent to the fresher’s week universities usually have in September or October. In this induction week, we want to deliver something fun and creative as well as informative, in order to generate more interestContinue reading “Welcoming Students to the Library”

Producing a Current Awareness Board

I was delighted when I was told that I would be getting involved in producing content for the current awareness boards in the library. It gave me something to strive for and a new project to get my teeth into. In addition, it gave me the motivation I’ve very much needed to do something creativeContinue reading “Producing a Current Awareness Board”

Thoughts at the beginning

Starting a new job always brings excitement and anxiety for me. Excitement because it’s a new start, a new role and a new environment. Anxiety because I’m always wondering whether I’ll actually enjoy the role, if I will like the people, will this be the start of a new life for me or will IContinue reading “Thoughts at the beginning”