Engaging with the Community: A Lewisham Library Example

So Christmas is around the corner (or right in front of us) and so ’tis the season to be jolly and merry and spread the joy. With this in mind, the library must not be an exception and must actively promote the spirit of the season in order to keep chrisanta2attracting patrons.

Thus it was great to witness my boss dressed up as Santa Claus giving presents to all the little boys and girls (although the little girl didn’t seem all that happy).


I also took part in spreading the Christmas spirit by helping to decorate the front window. I decorated this white Christmas tree and made some paper snowflakes which were used as ballerina skirts.


My colleagues have also put out displays that showcase books that directly relate to Christmas. In this way, patrons can have the opportunity to fully enjoy the Christmas season through literature.

As well as the library being available to the public to access the computers and use the materials, the library must fully engage with these individuals in order to continue to attract customers. Putting on events and creating displays allow people and staff to engage with their community, whilst discovering something new and different.


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