Engaging with the Community: A Lewisham Library Example

So Christmas is around the corner (or right in front of us) and so ’tis the season to be jolly and merry and spread the joy. With this in mind, the library must not be an exception and must actively promote the spirit of the season in order to keep attracting patrons. Thus it was greatContinue reading “Engaging with the Community: A Lewisham Library Example”

Was I born to be a librarian, or not?

(pixabay) Ever since I began pursuing a career in librarianship, I started to notice that there were certain habits I had acquired that make being an information professional a job that completely fits my personality. For example, I use Microsoft Access to record the different shows I’ve watched as well the number of episodes, dates I finishedContinue reading “Was I born to be a librarian, or not?”